The prevalence and demand for portable battery packs is increasing. Simultaneously, authorities and the general public are becoming more aware of possible risks, leading to requests for safety certifications that directly address this new market. Though UL 2056, Power Banks, already covers back-up chargers and power banks for cell phones and tablets, ANSI/UL 2743 1st Edition, Standard for Portable Power Packs, was created to cover a broad range of power packs.

This new standard was published in October 2016 and covers devices consisting of one or more lead acid or lithium ion batteries housed within an enclosure. These devices are charged externally and intended for use as portable power sources. Outputs may consist of everything from receptacles to DC output jacks and vehicle sockets. UL Battery and Energy Storage Technology services combines over 30 years of battery technology experience with knowledge from the foremost battery experts to offer reliable safety testing for a safer tomorrow.

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