In a concerted effort to make oil exploration safer, Shell designed a remotely operated robot for use in hazardous locations and collaborated with UL for safety certification. Sensabot monitors equipment, carries out inspections and performs maintenance tasks in potentially explosive atmospheres such as those of an oil field. UL, with over 100 years of HazLoc experience, joined industry experts to help ensure that the design was in compliance with applicable safety standards.

Normally, hazardous locations must be shut down for an inspection or routine maintenance, but Sensabot was created to minimize this downtime. Equipped with video cameras, laser scanners, environmental sensors, vibration sensors and more, Sensabot can remotely be maneuvered out of its charging kennel to look at an area causing issues, conduct inspections or monitor equipment – all in an effort to avoid presenting an unneeded health risk to an employee.

To learn more about UL’s collaboration with Shell or to see Sensabot in action, click here.