Flux Power’s light EV LiFT battery packs are the first lithium-ion battery packs for forklift use listed to UL 2271. LiFT, a new series of Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) battery packs for forklifts are an alternative to the lead-acid batteries commonly used in the forklift market. These are the first UL 2271-listed lithium-ion battery packs for use in electric industrial trucks.

By securing the UL 2271 certification, Flux Power furthers their LiFT product line by underscoring safety and quality for its customers. UL 2271 certification means that the batteries used in LEV applications meet safety standard requirements and have undergone simulated abuse testing based on the manufacturer’s specified charge and discharge parameters. Testing to the standard also covers construction as well as electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements. The certification also means UL will inspect the battery pack factory quarterly to verify batteries continue to be made with the same critical safety componentry as when it was first evaluated.

The trend toward addressing safety considerations in LEV batteries in the early production stages continues to grow. Testing by independent experts like UL provides manufacturers a way to demonstrate compliance with UL battery safety standards, many of which have become ANSI national standards, and speed-up acceptance of cutting-edge battery and energy storage technology.

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