The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) named Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc. (ULC) as an accredited Inspection Body (IB) for performing Field Evaluations (FE) of Gas-fired Appliances & Equipment (A&E). This new accreditation allows us to expand our suite of services in Canada. We can now work with owners and operators to help ensure their gas-fired appliances and equipment are in compliance with the B149 Gas Code and other published requirements.

This expansion allows ULC to further support the safety mandate of code authorities having jurisdiction across all Canadian provinces and territories. On December 7, 2017, Joe Hosey, general manager of ULC, said, “ULC is very pleased to make this announcement today because it means that we can provide another value-added service in this industry which is so very important to the Canadian economy. Now we will be able to work even more closely with local businesses to better serve their needs.”

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