UL has a rich history of working to keep people and property safe by helping to ensure products and materials – from air ducts to fire doors to fire resistive components – are prepared for the task at hand. This month is recognized as National Preparedness Month (NPM). National Preparedness Month offers the opportunity for a nationwide reminder to prepare for all types of emergencies that could affect people where they live and work, making it the perfect time to talk about staying one step ahead.

As we consider preparedness, it helps to recognize the role of building and life safety codes, and the relevance of compliance with these codes in the overall scheme of residential and workplace safety. This is especially important in occupancies such as schools, hospitals, nursing facilities, hotels, and apartment complexes. UL urges manufacturers to be prepared with the needed evidence to demonstrate conformity of your products to these important regulations – using building products in a safe manner and bolstering building safety.

UL product safety certifications and the trusted UL Mark assist in determining code compliance for products where testing and/or certification of these products is required by code in accordance with specific safety or performance standards. There are several free, easy to use online tools that help locate these certifications, including:
In some specific situations, code authorities require product evaluation reports to provide technical evidence that new or alternative material, product, design or method of construction comply with the intent of the building codes. To satisfy this requirement, UL delivers such technical evaluations through the issuance of technical Evaluation Reports. These Evaluation Reports provide guidance to code authorities, architects, designers, contractors, installers, and other Built Environment Influencers in determining code compliance for products where:

  1. The product is not included in the model installation codes, or
  2. The model installation codes do not specify clear requirements for the product, or
  3. The model installation codes have multiple requirements for the product not covered by a single standard.

The Reports are available to the public at

While this month serves as a reminder to be prepared now and throughout the year for the disasters that may come, we want to encourage our partners in safety to Be Prepared with the needed evidence for Code compliance and safe use of building products.

This campaign is part of an educational series of monthly articles featuring different topics that draw on UL’s history. To subscribe to the series, please click HERE or email for more information about UL Evaluation Reports.