UL is proud to introduce the Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for By-Product Synergy, UL ECVP-2990, one of the latest standards from UL. This standard evaluates and validates a group of two or more facilities that practice by-product synergy matching. What does that mean? Consider the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The implication is that waste from one facility may be a valuable resource used in the production process of another facility. For example, a manufacture of cabinetry may supply below-spec wood or a brick manufacture may use incinerated cow bone, a by-product from a local meat processing plant.

The benefits of this by-product exchange include less waste destined for the landfill, a reduced demand for virgin-source materials, lower energy use and even an additional revenue stream for some businesses.

In an increasingly competitive business environment where companies are expected to be proactive in their efforts to achieve sustainability, by-product synergy is a great way to improve efficiency and partner with other local industries to achieve mutually beneficial cost savings and improved sustainability.

For more information on By-Product Synergy or how companies are evaluated, view the resources below, visit UL’s Standard Site or email environment@ul.com.