UL provides practical, leading-edge training for payment industry professionals.

UL has been training thousands of individuals on the subjects of EMV, contact and contactless technology, PCI and, more recently, NFC, HCE and cloud-based payments. UL is uniquely positioned to provide knowledge on these topics, as our trainers draw from their personal experience in working on payment-related projects. We combine theoretic knowledge with case studies from real projects to provide you a better understanding of the payment ecosystem, the technology behind them and future developments.

Our training attendees have stated our knowledge to be valuable and directly applicable to their businesses. Apart from sharing knowledge, attending training courses at UL also provides the opportunity to network with industry peers. In a group with a maximum of 15 people, we provide a trusting environment where one is free to share common issues with the trainer and the group.

With a focus on the latest technologies, standards and certification requirements, UL’s training services and payment courses provide an up-to-date global resource for payment industry professionals involved with EMV implementation, mobile payments or cloud-based payment systems and technologies.