UL is dedicated to helping payment terminal vendors, acquirers, processors, retailers and merchants understand and adhere to complex requirements, from regulators and payment schemes, in support of market and business objectives.

Payment terminals (ATMs, POS devices, mPOS devices) and host systems need to be functionally compliant with the specifications set by industry regulators and standardization bodies, before they are allowed to be released to the market. Compliance with the EMV standard is vital for avoiding liability of card fraud.

The combination of our in-depth technical expertise, expansive industry knowledge, and state-of-the-art test tools and certification services enable us to help customers accelerate time-to-market by testing that payment terminals and host systems are fully compliant and interoperable prior to launch.

UL can help acquirers and processors define what certification levels are required, and how to obtain them in the fastest way possible for the major payment brands and industry organizations, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, UnionPay International, EMVCo and the PCI.

As a single point of contact, we provide prevalidation test tools, functional and security testing, test execution, and certification services on behalf of major payment brands.

We are also committed to helping merchants and retailers handle and store private account information in compliance with certain security standards, including EMVCo and PCI. PCI compliance is vital for all payment terminal vendors, merchants, acquirers and processors who accept credit cards, online or offline. The size of a customer’s business will determine the specific compliance requirements that must be met. UL can guide teams through this process, from hosting an initial PCI DSS workshop to conducting PCI DSS audits and certification.

For payment terminal vendors, UL helps ensure compliance of (m)POS or ATM terminals through functional and security testing services. We are the one partner to provide all functional, security and brand validation testing, ensuring an efficient testing process. We check all aspects of payment terminals and readers, including Terminal Type Approval, Contact/Contactless Level 1 and Level 2 testing and PCI PTS for Point of Interaction (POI). On an acceptance level, UL provides brand acceptance testing (known as Level 3 testing) on behalf of the world’s main payment brands.

UL is accredited to perform MasterCard Formal Approval Services for M-TIP certification, meaning that customers can leave a terminal with UL for end-to-end testing.