Prevalidate products and systems to help ensure correct functioning in the field.

UL provides card vendors, card manufacturers and issuers with customized test services to help ensure that payment and transit card products are secure, compliant and globally interoperable.

As a comprehensive partner, we at UL deliver the complete range of (often mandated) test and certification services that customers require, with EMVCo Level 1 functional testing and certification (up to Level 3) brand testing and validation for the major payment brands. This includes MIFARE, MasterCard Formal Approval Services, Discover Formal Approval Services, Visa validation services and American Express validation.

In addition, we can also support in the preparation of certification with debug sessions and pretesting, which reinforces our ability to be a single point of contact for all development and product evaluation activities.

UL has executed tens of thousands of test services related to payment cards for all the major schemes. UL also develops test tools and uses them to efficiently and thoroughly test payment cards in world-class labs accredited by EMVCo, Visa, MasterCard, NXP Semiconductors and many other global schemes.

With a commitment to optimization and efficiency for our customers, we define the best strategy of test and certification activities to achieve business goals, such as time-to-market, product quality and cost reduction.

Additional customer benefits include:

  • Proper guidance through certifications applicable to card products, resulting in shorter time-to-market and cost reduction.
  • Efficient services driven by extensive experience, automated testing facilities and accredited labs.
  • Access to UL’s global insight to stay on top of developments in the payment and transit industry, helping to maintain a competitive advantage.