UL can help mitigate risk and streamline market approval in the most efficient way possible.

Across the payment industry, UL offers a comprehensive range of security evaluation services to help vendors meet PCI security standards and get their product to market in the most efficient way possible.

Regardless of the complexity of a design or the choice of technology, UL offers a full suite of functional, security and interoperability services needed to help assure the safety and quality of payment products to end customers. Our evaluation of closed- and open-platform embedded devices includes complex form factors and interfaces in addition to state-of-the-art attack methods.

Our long-term experience with payment industry regulators and the industry-recognized quality of our reports mean we are able to help customers optimize an approach and get a product through the approval process. We also enable project teams to better manage an evaluation project through our in-depth knowledge of approval processes for all payment schemes.

UL’s expertise extends across all areas of security, such as cryptography, Java Card, GlobalPlatform, software-based security, side-channel attacks, logical attacks and fault injection attacks.

We have PCI labs located in three different continents to better serve the local needs of our customers. We test adherence to PCI DSS and PCI PA DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) to validate compliance with PCI security standards.

Furthermore, UL experts are actively contributing to security working groups, such as JHAS, JTEMS, ISCI-WG1, to advise customers of the latest threats and security requirements.