UL guides companies through the complex world of electronic transactions.

Companies implementing new payment systems or updating existing systems can face complex technical challenges and choices that are important to get right to avoid unnecessary downtime or expense.

UL provides comprehensive advisory services so customers can better understand the options and limitations of technology available, and to help them navigate the different paths for EMV rollouts, host card emulation (HCE) implementation and cloud-based mobile payment systems.

As an independent third party with years of experience in the payment industry, we provide guidance on the best solution based on customer needs. Our services include guidance and expertise on project timelines, risk management, technical support, certification requirements and market trends.

UL helps customers deploy their technology road maps with confidence. We can engage with customers at the beginning of a project life cycle by sharing our industry insights to support strategic decisions. We guide customers throughout the entire implementation phase, helping to ensure the deployment meets customer goals and specifications. Put our experience to work by creating technical solutions that are relevant, robust and future-ready.