Experience and Service for Global Market Success

Pump equipment may not always be seen, but it contributes to everyday life. Irrigation, sewage, fountains, wells, swimming pools and spa applications, to name a few, rely on pumps, and UL understands the importance of being first to market in this global economy. UL’s technical expertise and industry knowledge has made it the certification company of choice for leading pump manufacturers. As pumps become increasingly complex regarding energy efficiency control in a wide use of applications, UL is proud to remain at the forefront of product innovation.


In addition to UL’s extensive knowledge of international and UL Safety Standards, the UL Mark for NSF/ANSI 50 is an approved and accepted Mark in all US national and local markets with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs).

UL’s flexible Follow-Up Services program for NSF/ANSI 50 allows for a single inspection per year without a 5-year re-certification requirement for certified products. UL’s Continuing Certification process is focused on keeping safe, compliant products in the market during and after Standard revisions. If the standard is revised, an impact assessment will be done on the revisions. If the revisions are found not to have a significant impact on the product(s), no further testing or evaluation will be required. If the revisions are found to have a significant impact on your products, a suitable timeline will be set and communicated to confirm compliance. There is not a pre-described mandate of 3 years when a product needs to comply due to a significant Standard revision.

Energy Star®

UL is a global leader in energy efficiency product testing and certification. In addition to supporting manufacturers throughout the entire product development cycle, UL can also help customers navigate the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR® program.

North America and Global Expansion

UL helps customers pursue the global market by certifying pumps to UL, NSF/ANSI 50 and IEC Standards concurrently in one project. Working with one respected certifier for the entire process can reduce costs and decrease time to market while minimizing communication errors along the way.

We can provide Informative Test Reports, CB Certificates, and Certification Marks to the following Safety and Performance Standards

  • IEC 60335-2-41: Particular requirements for pumps
  • IEC 60335-2-51: Particular requirements for stationary circulation pumps for heating and service water installations
  • IEC 60335-2-60: Particular requirements for whirlpool baths and whirlpool spas
  • UL 1081: Swimming Pool Pumps, Filters, and Chlorinators
  • UL 778: Motor-Operated Water Pumps
  • NSF/ANSI 50: Equipment for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Other Recreational Water Facilities

Simply put, UL can help provide confidence in a product’s design, safety and compliance while helping to ensure market readiness and helping products gain unquestioned acceptance from dealers, installers, consumers and authorities in the market.