UL has been working with small appliance manufacturers, retailers and related parties for over 100 years. We fully understand the market drivers, pain points and business necessities of small appliance manufacturers, and we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and certifications to meet all of the industry’s needs, including safety certifications, energy efficiency testing, performance testing, reliability testing, EMC testing, claims validation, environmental sustainability validation and product benchmarking.

The UL Mark is one of the most widely recognized and trusted symbols of safety among consumers globally, giving UL certified products the surest path to market acceptance. Consumer research shows the UL Mark is valued by consumers and is looked for on the products they buy.

We aim to simplify the safety certification process while still providing the highest level of engineering and technical expertise that our customers have come to know and expect of UL. The window of opportunity for a manufacturer to sell a product has become shorter and shorter as retailers and consumers alike look forward to the next generation of a product immediately after the current one is released.

With this need for fast turnaround in mind, we offer a variety of options to a manufacturer for safety certification, from traditional certification via product submittal directly to a UL engineer, in-house testing (DAP), on-site witness testing at your facility and the new UL Advantage program. UL Advantage is an exceptionally flexible offering designed both to adapt to our customers’ existing product development and manufacturing schedules and to streamline the certification process.

UL customers leverage our knowledge to help them manage risk and win in the marketplace. Our knowledge is deep, based on over a century of experience working with industry to develop applicable safety standards that not only enable current products to get to market safely today but also prepare them to meet the safety needs of the appliance products of tomorrow. Our primary design engineers (PDEs) and staff engineers are available around the clock to help our customers understand not only what a standard might explicitly state but also the intent of that Standard. This knowledge helps our customers manage risk more effectively and deploy innovative technologies and designs more confidently.

UL also offers a Badge program that enables manufacturers to more fully leverage the power of the UL Mark/brand directly on their product literature and, in some cases, on their product packaging. Local UL representatives can provide details on how to utilize this exciting marketing opportunity.