UL helps appliance manufacturers meet the complex challenges of today’s competitive global market with services that streamline safety, energy efficiency and performance testing to international, national and regional standards.

Our customers gain the measurable cost- and time-saving benefits associated with working with a single, experienced service provider. Multiple certifications are required to bring many major and commercial appliances to market. UL’s broad portfolio of services and industry expertise enables us to offer gas-fired/electrical safety testing, food equipment sanitation, international certification, electromagnetic compatibility assessment and energy certifications with a single product submittal. Customers who qualify for our Data Acceptance Program can further reduce assessment time by conducting testing in their own facilities.

Our technical expertise enables us to accurately assess, test and certify products featuring innovative technology against established standards. We offer product development support, including engineering consultations, prototype reviews, reliability testing and model shop services to help our customers quickly bring their new products to market.

We also offer the UL Verified Mark program which pairs your innovation and product excellence with the highest quality and most trusted science-based processes of UL in order to provide distinction and set your product apart in the market. Click here to read about the new “grease-laden effluents” verification service for a better understanding of the program.

UL global market access services can help expedite access to all major markets, and our participation in international programs such as the CB Scheme also streamlines the go-to-market process. We can also help our customers protect brand value with quality assessment and production monitoring services throughout the development cycle and across the entire global supply chain.