Thank you for visiting the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Exhibit at The Chicago Forum on Global Cities.

This annual event brings together global leaders in business, civics, education and the arts in order to create solutions for the world’s largest problems.

During the three-day forum, UL had the opportunity to engage in discussions with leading scholars, build relationships in the business, science and governmental communities, represent UL in a panel discussion on “Safer Cities” and explore the many opportunities UL has to contribute in this space.

Counterfeiting has broad implications for cities and their citizens. Counterfeit products, such as fire protection devices, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and similar devices, as well as a variety of electronic consumer products critically impact the safety of citizens. Cities have fallen victim to counterfeiters, including mistakenly purchasing counterfeit smoke detectors that later had to be replaced.

The Chicago Forum on Global Cities offers a unique opportunity to forge partnerships and share best practices in solving some of the most pressing global challenges. The forum offers UL perspective from around the world on addressing these challenges and provides UL’s safety experts the opportunity to engage in provocative discussions challenging the status quo and exploring new ways to improve the safety, sustainability and security of global cities.

This year, UL is seeking to share its own learnings around best practices for how cities have responded to the risks posed by counterfeiting; to include investment in training for local authorities, public awareness campaigns, and taskforces to identifying and carrying out actions against counterfeiters. Access additional best practices and details on upcoming events for local authorities here.

Protecting Brands From Product Counterfeiting

This UL white paper discusses the key elements of an effective brand protection program and offers a process for mitigating the risk of counterfeit products, from an initial risk analysis to program implementation.


Counterfeit iPhone Adapters

This white paper discusses the dangers of counterfeit power adapters, presents results of adapter testing, discusses UL’s efforts to combat counterfeiting and provides guidance on how consumers can recognize and avoid purchasing counterfeit adapters.


2017 Annual Report

UL’s Global Security & Brand Protection team worked diligently in 2017 to protect the UL Mark from misuse by counterfeiters, and to guard our digital and physical assets from any potential threats or breaches.


IIPCIC Course Catalog

IIPCIC online training course provides specialist knowledge on transnational organized crime. It is aimed at all law enforcement officials, regulatory authorities and private sector investigators who are committed to the fight against illicit trade and intellectual property crime.