Launching in 2018…


Managing alarm system certification is now easier than ever with a versatile application designed by the alarm industry, for the alarm industry.

The Alarm Service Team is proud to announce the development of AlarmHUB, a new application that will replace ULwebCerts and UL Certificate Verification System early 2018. Be sure to check this page often to learn more about AlarmHUB, development updates, training opportunities, and more.

Stability, Versatility, Extensibility

AlarmHUB is far more than just a ULwebCerts and ULCVS redesign, it rethinks compliance management and brings it to the next level. Achieving this next level of digital compliance management began with the development of a brand-new database, including an open source platform and identity access management (IAM) controls for enhanced stability and security; a modern data structure gives the user the ability to manipulate data to meet their individual business needs.

A stable foundation supported the development of new features that enhance the versatility of the application, as well as, the user experience. Advanced sorting and filtering makes managing alarm system Certificates easier than ever and now with mobile device capability, AlarmHUB goes where you go; helping you make better business decisions in the field. The new Certificate versioning feature gives alarm companies the ability to track the full history of a Certificate and the new public AlarmFinder makes it easier for your customers to locate your UL Listing and the UL Listed services you provide.

AlarmHUB was designed with the future in mind. Technology in the alarm industry is advancing rapidly; AlarmHUB is built to not only adapt to those changes, but also to engage in the advancement with the ability to easily add new features and offer new services designed to benefit the industry.

Designed by you…for you.

AlarmHUB was shaped in collaboration with the industry. Customer and demand driver research was a critical component to understanding industry needs and remains a critical component to future enhancements.

ULwebCerts and UL Certificate Verification Services are now one AlarmHUB which utilizes data from one secure database giving users the ability to communicate and share data seamlessly between applications helping to facilitate the relationship between the alarm company and the AHJ.

Visit the Alarm Service Website for more information about the Alarm Certificate Program.

Sneak Peek

The new AlarmHUB has a sleek design with intuitive navigation.

Registration and login is now fast and easy


A new user-friendly Certificate list allows users to quickly and easily identify Certificate status’.

AlarmHUB's new and improved login experience


View the details of an individual Certificate with one click.

The new tailored dashboard gives you a quick visual summary of your account


Issuing a new Certificate has never been easier!

Locating and managing Certificates has never been easier


Entering Certificate data is simple and users now have the ability to move freely from tab to tab when entering Certificate details.

Easily renew Certificates with a redesigned renewal process