UL AM Facility Safety Services are designed to help AM technology users manage the inherent process risks within an AM facility and achieve conformance to regulatory requirements and industry standards. Unlike traditional manufacturing technology, AM introduces risks more in line with the chemical industry. Similar to that industry, where regulations are more stringent, AM requires critical identification and mitigation of hazards specific to material, equipment and facilities.

Combining AM industry expertise with existing services such as Field Evaluation, Hazardous Locations, Workplace Health & Safety, Building Materials and Fire Safety, UL is uniquely positioned to provide leading Facility Safety solutions. UL leverages applicable safety guidelines provided by recognized standards bodies such as NIST, OSHA, ANSI, ISO, NFPA and ASTM.

An Approach to Safety for Every AM Experience Level

UL AM Facility Safety Services address the needs of the following audiences:

  • Organizations new to, or in the early stages of, integrating AM may be unaware of what is required to provide a safe AM environment that meets existing standards and regulations.
  • Organizations that have already implemented AM may be unaware of, or wish to improve upon, how to properly manage AM process and material hazards.

Facility Safety will help reduce your organization’s liability by minimizing the risk of employee injury as well as equipment and facility damage.

Identify and Manage AM Facility Hazards

UL helps facilities manage risks and conformity to standards and regulations via a four phased approach:

  1. Site Assessment
    Onsite evaluation of your AM facility to assess process risks. Evaluation includes, but is not limited to, floor plan/layout, workforce, operational processes, and equipment.
  2. Implementation Plan
    A detailed course of action to achieve optimized safety and operational guidelines, including abatement, mitigation, and management.
  3. Safety Training
    A two day workforce training session focused on AM process safety management and the identification and management of machines, materials, and hazards.
  4. Routine Audits
    Surveillance to verify successful implementation of an AM facility safety management program and ongoing conformance.

Services may be purchased separately or as a comprehensive package.

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