For nearly two decades we have worked with banks, mobile network operators, governments, public transport operators and vendors to help ensure that their transaction technology is trustworthy, compliant with all standards and interoperable worldwide.

The benefits of working with UL
As independent advisors, we don’t give preference to one payment scheme or industry body over another. Instead, we make decisions based on our customers’ needs and then guide them through the maze of applicable standards and compliance requirements mandated by different schemes and industry organizations. In this way, we empower you to launch your innovative products and services in a trustworthy, compliant and interoperable manner, in the fastest time possible.

We provide a complete portfolio of services, including advisory, training, test & certification services, security evaluation and test tools to assist with projects including EMV migration, contactless and mobile payments implementations (NFC/HCE/BLE), data security (PCI, Common Criteria), border control solutions, and e-ticketing (AFC) implementations.

UL offers state-of-the-art test tools and simulators through the Collis and Aspects portfolios. Our test tools are accredited by the leading payments schemes and industry bodies and ensure simple and efficient test processes. Our test tools portfolio consists of over 60 products and guide you towards a smooth, efficient and trouble-free go-live of your smart card infrastructure. Our portfolio includes accredited test tools for:

  • Payment card, UICC, handset, backend system simulators
  • (Pre)certfication and compliance test tools for card personalization, (m)POS/ATM interoperability, GlobalPlatform UICC confirgurations, backend messaging protocol validators
  • Spy and debugging tools visualizing communication between systems including translations for EMVCo, major payment brands, GSM, 3G, CDMA, HWP/HCI, GlobalPlatform, NFC, MIFARE and more

The complete product catalogue can be found here.

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