For over 50 years UL has been supporting the food and beverage industry. From production to consumption, our full suite of services help protect public health and brands by mitigating the complex realities of today’s volatile world. We work closely with manufacturers and retailers to assess prospective suppliers, identify potential business interruptions that may impact brand viability, develop quality protocols and monitor adherence throughout the supply chain. UL:

  • Develops comprehensive and safe food sourcing programs
  • Monitors and assesses product quality and safety Audits regulatory compliance
  • Substantiates claims and facilitates product acceptance by target markets

The benefits of working with UL

UL’s state-of-the-art food testing labs utilize standard test methods to accurately determine the presence of pathogens in food and beverages. Chemical testing and microbiological batch testing detect aerobic plate counts, yeast and mold. Our food forensics service can check for the presence and causes of alleged problems related to food and beverage products.

Food and beverage services

Our services for the industry include food safety inspections, manufacturing audits, food process validation, vendor qualification, food quality assurance testing, real-time training, and advisory services. Audits are based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Codes and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations.

Additionally, we provide:

  • Risk assessments
  • Nutrition analysis
  • Food process validation
  • Vendor qualification
  • Batch chemical testing
  • Food contact materials testing
  • Supply chain audits
  • Food sanitation
  • Shelf life testing
  • Stability testing
  • Retail food and beverage standards
  • GMO testing
  • Consumer studies and sensory testing
  • Regulatory label reviews
  • FDA compliance testing
  • DNA testing

Enhance performance

We can assist efforts to enhance product performance with sensory evaluations and consumer product testing that provides vital comparisons of consumer-perceived attributes. Our ability to integrate sensory evaluations with analytical and physical testing makes us the preferred sensory services provider for the consumer products industry.

Sharpen safety skills

UL offers food professionals an innovative training curriculum that builds upon and enhances their company’s existing food safety management schemes and in-house training programs, providing the tools needed to address today’s ever-evolving food safety challenges.

UL Everclean

Through UL Everclean, an established leader in the field of food safety auditing for food retailers, UL features a comprehensive assessment offering for restaurants, grocers and retailers, including audits of food safety, supplier qualifications, brand consistency and price integrity. UL Everclean performs over 40,000 food safety and sanitation audits on over 10,000 facilities among many of North America’s major food service brands, offering credentialed and objective auditors, flexible and dynamic technology, and best-in-class programs.

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