The updated requirements of UL 2849 now address the most recent critical safety issues to support safe use of all types of e-bikes, e-motorbikes and e-scooters (single rider, but may be able to accommodate passenger; typically considered over-the-road; typically sit to operate; may have pedals) to minimize risks from battery fires or explosions and shock hazards.

Safety standards, including UL 2849, are essential to making sure the energy is governed and used appropriately through the thousands of cycles of e-bike and e-scooter charges and discharges. Designing, sourcing, testing and validating safety of the battery packs and battery management systems are the foundation for e-bike, e-motorbike and e-scooter safety. Increasing complexity of some of the on-board systems also requires special consideration for minimizing the risk of electric shock during charging over the life of the products, reflecting the real-world abuses and demands that occur to these products. This will necessitate the use of special strategies or protective circuitry to address those potential electrocution hazards.