Testing and certification for batteries enable safer use of next generation personal e-Mobility & personal e-Transportation.

There is an incredible transformation of personal electrified transportation technology around the globe, in the form of light electric vehicles (LEVs) and personal transport. Personal e-mobility (x-wheel products), electrically pedal assisted cycles, e-Bikes, e-Motorbikes, and & e-Scooters are an emerging use of battery technologies, with many benefits and increasing appeal. However, putting a person in close contact with an advanced energy system, continually increasing demands for energy density, and adequately facing the rigors of real-life usage all present safety challenges that must be proactively addressed to support safe and sustainable growth of these personal e-Mobility and cycle transportation solutions. Similarly, the exponential increase in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones to fulfill commercial or tactical objectives will continue to rely on battery technology as the key solution, and safe battery and electrical systems are needed. New and updated safety standards establish a baseline that enables common expectations, safe use of technologies, and easier navigation of international trade. Most of all, they enable a future where batteries help our society get from one place to another in a clean, efficient, and safe way.

UL supports retailers and manufacturers by offering testing and certification of the electrical systems for light EV products.