UL’s Start-up Program is geared to help start-ups navigate the regulatory and compliance requirements of the global markets, which are often a barrier to market and trade.

Our comprehensive assessment process evaluates your product according to the standards of each regulatory body.  Our third-party, independent test reports assist in obtaining immediate access to and recognition within the markets you value the most.

Benefits of UL’s Start-Up Program:

  • UL’s breadth of service offerings allows us to serve as a single global source for the high-tech industry’s key business needs
  • Increase speed to market
  • Deliver compliant products globally
  • Reduce costs, reduce rework
  • Leverage UL’s Regulatory and Compliance Experience
  • Improve Market success; reduce surprises through the product life cycle, from design to disposal
  • Let’s you Focus on YOUR core competencies, and maximize your resources to enable your team to be more productive
  • Manage your risk – sustain viability, protect reputations and encourage growth

Main Features of UL’s Start-Up Program:

Compliance Engineer is assigned to the start-up to guide them through the Certification Process.  There is a free consultation to go over their design, making sure that they are on the right path to conforming to the applicable Certification Programs and Standards.

Secondly, a Business Development Manager is also assigned to the start-up, who will guide them on the specific Regulatory and Certification marks needed to market or sell your product in the countries of their choice.  Both the Engineer and Business Development Manager work in a collaborative manner to ensure that the start-up has everything needed to gain access to the global market, or to the market(s) of their choice.

Services and Offerings for North America as well as for Global Markets:

Our breadth of service offerings allows us to serve as a single global source for the Start-Up’s key business needs.

  • Safety Certifications
  • EMC Testing and Certifications
  • Wireless Regulatory Testing and Certifications (Global)
  • Global Market Access Services including acting as “Local Representative” when needed
  • Performance Testing
  • Reliability Testing
  • Verification Testing
  • Energy Efficiency Testing and Certifications
  • Environmental Claim Validation
  • Chemical Emissions Testing
  • GREENGUARD Certification Program for Chemical and Particle Emissions for Electronic Equipment
  • SAR Testing
  • Transaction Security Evaluation Services
  • Transaction Security Test Services
  • The above is just a small sampling of our services and testing capabilities, see http://services.ul.com/  for more offerings, or just ask if your clients have other testing needs!

Contact Information

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North America: tel. +1.847.664.1900

Email: Anytime@ul.com

Nelson Costa, Program Manager

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