UL helps our customers demonstrate that their printed circuit/wiring board (PWB) components and materials comply with end-product safety standards in multiple global markets.

We can also help open new business opportunities by certifying products and listing them in UL’s Online Certifications Directory, allowing equipment manufacturers to quickly identify the compliant components and materials they need to complete their subassemblies or end products. Manufacturers rely on UL certified components to streamline their own product testing and compliance processes.

UL’s pre-certification reviews are designed to speed up the path to certification. Through advance technical consultation with a UL engineer, customers can ensure that they fully understand the sample requirements and test program ahead of time, avoiding potentially costly delays. Pre-certification reviews are eligible for a 100% credit toward certification costs.

We offer a full range of testing and certification services to UL Standards and many key international, national and regional requirements around the world. Testing can be conducted in UL accredited laboratories or in our customers’ qualified facilities. Our global market access program helps our customers get their products to the world market quickly, especially in regions that limit the use of hazardous substances in electronic products.

Are you a printed circuit board manufacturer based in Europe? If so take a look at our dedicated European Consumer Technology website. Here you can find information about our local printed circuit board testing services in your region and events happening close to you.For Chinese version, please visit www.greaterchina-ul.com/sc (Simplified Chinese) or www.greaterchina-ul.com/tc (Traditional Chinese).

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