Modular Data Centers are certified in accordance with UL Subject 2755, Outline Of Investigation – Modular Data Centers, and The NEC 2014, Article 646 also addressed Code requirements for such products.  Learn how UL Certifications demonstrate compliance with code requirements, and some of the major requirements in UL Subject 2755.  This information will facilitate the design, construction, installation, inspection and certification of Modular Data Center installations.

In the world of cloud computing, and by the way we access and rely on information we receive through our tablets and mobile devices, modular data centers (MDCs) play a significant role, as they signify a key and flexible data infrastructure for the upcoming generation of products and technology.

Containerized and Modular Data Centers are modern alternatives to traditional data centers that typically offer scalable data center capacity with multiple computing, power and cooling options. A key advantage is that they can shipped anywhere in the world to be added, integrated or retrofitted into a customer’s existing data center footprint, or combined into a system of modules to establish a large capacity data center.

UL developed the world’s first safety standard for MDCs – UL 2755 which addresses issues such as:

  • Potential Enclosure Hazards
  • Transportation Hazards
  • Electrical Constructions
  • Supply and Distribution
  • Working Space Exit Routes and Signage
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Installed Equipment
  • Noise Exposure

Our Certification Process typically occurs in two phases:

Phase 1:  Advisory Services, NEC Requirements, Certified equipment
Phase 2:  Construction, Test and Test report, Risk Assessment report, Product report and Initial Production Inspection

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