UL provides a wealth of component certification information through its two complimentary online databases of certified components which are indexed and searchable.

Online Certifications Directory
The Online Certifications Directory is a “virtual” catalog of UL Listed and Recognized products and components for over 58,000 unique customers. The Online Certifications Directory is updated daily, connecting you with a search page to easily access information on UL Certifications (Listed, Recognized and Classified products) and Registered firms, for no charge. Customers can search in a number of ways: by company name or geography, file number, product name or number, and guide information.

iQ family of databases
The iQ family of databases (iq.ul.com) is a suite of relational databases that enable users to search for UL Recognized plastics, Printed Wiring Boards, Printed Wiring Board Laminates and Coatings, AWM (Appliance Wiring Materials), appliance switches and special use switches that meet the requirements of their end product application. Similar to the Online Certifications Directory, many end-product manufacturers use this database to verify the certification information of the components they intend to use in their end-product application. Through parametric searching, users can additionally identify multiple components and suppliers who have UL Recognition with ratings that meet the safety criteria of a specific end-product application. Access to the family of databases is free. However, registration is required..