UL certified components are included in all of the most widely used certification reference materials — including UL’s Online Certifications Directory and the UL iQTM family of databases — widely referenced and relied on by global manufacturers for making critical purchasing decisions.

Our component certification programs create value for suppliers by providing them with an independent, objective means to demonstrate that their components comply with the applicable requirements. End-product manufacturers favor UL Recognized components in order to streamline their own UL testing and certification process.

UL’s Component Certification Program is widely recognized for its quality and thoroughness, and UL certified components are readily accepted by other global third-party certification organizations. Our involvement in the CB Scheme, an international system for mutual acceptance of test reports and certifications, provides streamlined global market access to 56 countries.

We offer testing to UL Standards and many key international, national and regional requirements around the world in UL accredited laboratories or in our customers’ qualified facilities. Our global presence allows us to offer local service in the local language while also providing our customers access to UL expertise in all of their target markets.

Our service offerings address all key business needs for component suppliers. UL’s traceability programs add integrity to the supply chain by providing verification that components meet the applicable UL requirements for safety, help validate subcontractor work and protect brand value.

Are you a component manufacturer based in Europe? If so take a look at our dedicated European Consumer Technology website. Here you can find information about our local component services in your region and events happening close to you. For Chinese version, please visit www.greaterchina-ul.com/sc (Simplified Chinese) or www.greaterchina-ul.com/tc (Traditional Chinese).