(Sub) CLAUSE/ANNEX HEADING: Normal Operating Conditions

OTHER RELEVANT (Sub) CLAUSES/ANNEXES (as applicable): 4.2.2

DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE: What is the appropriate operating condition for an organ or keyboard containing an amplifier and capable of generating continuous tones? Which ten manual keys are to be depressed?

APPLICATION GUIDELINE: With the organ or keyboard connected to its RATED LOAD IMPEDANCE, simultaneously depress ANY 10 keys and 2 foot pedals, if provided. If multiple keyboards are provided, use ANY 10 keys on a single keyboard or ANY 5 keys on 2 of the keyboards. If the product is capable of accepting an external input signal in addition to the tones generated by the keyboard itself, an external signal is to be injected into the apparatus along with depressing of the 10 manual keys and 2 pedals. The input signal used is that which is described in Clause 4.2.4 a) under the condition of 1/8 NON-CLIPPED OUTPUT POWER.

RATIONALE: The chosen keys represent a maximum operating condition and follows the guidelines of Clause 4.2.4 c). Injection of an external signal in addition to depressing ten manual keys and two foot pedals is in accordance with Clause, which requires apparatus capable of multiple modes to be tested under all conditions of operation


SEE RELATED PAG: Clause 4.2.4 c)– loading of organ or keyboard