Consumer electronics manufacturers are faced with increasing go-to-market pressures, a complex maze of regulatory and environmental requirements, and a highly competitive industry based on low-margin price points, rapid innovation, and a discerning customer base. To address these issues, UL helps our customers manage risk, differentiate their products and reach their target markets with expert, flexible and cost-effective services.

UL offers a variety of services to help manufacturers provide the best possible user experience and to help ensure that devices will meet market/industry requirements. Our testing and certification services include safety testing to UL/IEC 60065 and the new hazard-based standards UL/CSA/IEC 62368-1, FDA CDRH and IEC 60825-1 as well as EMC/wireless testing for the majority of wireless technologies, including Bluetooth®, cellular (including LTE), near field communications (NFC), Wi-Fi and more.

We also offer SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing for mobile devices and headsets and energy efficiency—including ENERGY STAR®—testing for products including TVs, audio and video equipment, telephones, set-top boxes, and battery chargers as well as environmental product declarations, certifications (e.g., IEEE 1680.3 for televisions) and claim validations such as for recycled content, bio-based content and others.

Our global presence allows us to offer local service in the local language while also providing our customers access to UL expertise in all of their target markets. UL’s Global Market Access service helps our customers navigate through the complex system of country-specific and regional certification requirements, simplifying and speeding the process of reaching multiple major markets. Our participation in the CB Scheme, an international system for mutual acceptance of test reports and certifications, provides a means for cost- and-time-effective global market access to our customers.

In addition, we support our customers’ drive to protect brand reputation with supply chain quality and capacity assessments, monitoring, and surveillance programs, and we offer local project management services to maintain excellence and compliance with contractual obligations and regulatory standards.

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