Benefits of Working with UL

Architects, manufacturers, contractors, insurers, building owners, regulatory authorities and other partners in the building materials and construction community trust UL for the knowledge and services  needed to help assure performance, meet regulatory demands and  protect their brand value.

  • UL’s staff have decades of experience testing windows, doors and curtain walls to the key AAMA and ASTM industry standards
  • UL’s AAMA accredited laboratory is equipped with state of the art test equipment to provide timely and accurate testing services
  • UL’s team works to understand your testing needs and gear our services to meet those needs

Curtain walls, Storefronts, Sloped Glazing and Exterior Wall Systems UL provides exterior wall system mock-up testing to AAMA and ASTM standards for air and water resistance and structural integrity of curtain walls to validate design, workmanship and material selection prior to job site construction. This allows time to implement changes to design, fabrication, and construction procedures before construction commences. Furthermore, UL provides on-site field testing of windows, curtain walls and storefronts for air leakage resistance and water penetration resistance performance at building sites to assess compliance with AAMA and ASTM industry standards and specifications while providing owners, contractors, consultants and architects with information they need  to assess compliance, risk mitigation, and remediation solutions. UL’s portfolio of services include:

  • Air, Water and Structural Mock-up Testing
  • Air and Water Field Testing

Windows, Doors, Louvers and Skylights

UL offers air, water, structural, impact and cycling testing for manufacturers of windows, doors, garage doors, louvers and skylights necessary to achieve the certifications they need to demonstrate market compliance to the International Building Code, Florida Building Code, Miami Dade, Texas Department of Insurance, and other code and market requirements. UL’s portfolio of services include:

  • Air, Water and Structural Testing to achieve certification to AAMA Standards to demonstrate compliance with the International Building Code
  • Impact and Cycling Testing to demonstrate compliance with the Florida Building Code, Miami Dade and Texas Department of Insurance and additional requirements related to tornado and hurricane wind zones.

Building Envelope Performance Testing Video