To achieve regulatory compliance, it’s important for manufacturers to understand how various (and changing) standards apply to their products.  UL’s worldwide network of compliance experts helps manufacturers navigate national and regional standard requirements to quickly access more markets.

Manufacturers and marketing teams experience first-hand the frustration associated with understanding the complexities of selling products worldwide. These complexities mainly revolve around country-specific regulations. To further complicate the situation, these regulations change on what seems to be a regular basis and often vary from country to country. Keeping track of everything requires a team dedicated to regulation management, making sure there are no late stage developments that can derail your plans to sell your products on time.

Recently, the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) was revised to its current version, 2014/35/EU, with an added requirement that few manufacturers know how to perform: Risk Assessment. Further, the LVD specifically states that this assessment must be performed by the manufacturer, not a third party. As a trusted source for global standards, UL knows how to simplify the certification processes to access the European market. UL understands the processes required by the LVD and is a valued resource on this topic.  We have staff around the world dedicated to learning the nuances of all related standards to help ensure our customers have the resources they need to understand the requirements and apply them properly.

With UL’s expert consultation, manufacturers can effectively navigate changes to specific regulations and directives as they apply to individual products.  Read more about UL’s CE marking assistance that includes advisory services and risk assessments.